Mother’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day started out just right… Corey let me sleep in :).  I didn’t actually sleep in because Jack had already woken me up, and I’m not so good at going back to bed most days, but I did enjoy some extra time to pray without being in a hurry, and I also read the lesson for Relief Society. After hearing that Corey had made the boys their breakfast I came downstairs for mine which Corey insisted on making.  He made my favorite kind of oatmeal… quick oats with chopped apples, walnuts, and raisins lightly kissed with brown sugar:

Isn’t the raisin heart awesome? Jack and Aly had a good giggle about it.

Alaster came home on Friday with a couple of gifts he made at school.  Have I told you lately how sweet Alaster is?  I love, love, LOVE that boy.  He was so excited to give them to me, and very willing to take some pictures with me:


This is what the front of the book looked like:


The book is about me… what I like… my tastes and interests… pretty standard stuff.  I LOVE his answers… like LOVE them.  His answers are just exactly what I would hope he’d say.

My mom’s favorite food is: KitKat (Haha!)

My mom’s favorite color is: Red (I guess he hasn’t noticed my turquoise/yellow obsession)

My mom’s favorite thing to do is: Snuggle with me.  (The picture is me with him and Jack on… something… together)

My mom loves it when: I do my homework (He knows I love it when he reads to me.  This one is true.  I’m so proud of him lately!  He’s doing great.)

My mom is happy when: She plays with me (we’re having a light saber fight in the picture)

The best thing about my mom is: She loves me (ohhhhhhh!!!!!)


Corey had the boys each make me a card (even Truman!) and they filled a cute container full of chocolates (mostly kitkats!) and presented it to me.  For a couple of weeks Alaster kept asking if we could go to the store to buy kitkats.  Jack would say “Alaster!  Now she’s going to know!”  I thought they were both pretty darned cute!  Also in this collage is a bookmark Aly made me at school.  It’s a flower he made with his fingerprints.


After a lovely morning together we headed off to church.  I wanted some pictures with my boys before we set off.  I am really sad that the best picture of the morning was in this spotty lighting:


I made them come to a better spot, and bless their hearts Jack and Alaster tried to get a good one with me.  You want to know the truth though?  I really love all of these shots!  Each and every one of their faces in these makes me giggle for it’s own reason:


Church was lovely.  Then after a quick change at home we immediately went to Gram’s where a perfectly delicious dinner was waiting for us.  We had a great time with them as usual.  I’m just sad I didn’t take a picture!  I had even planned to ask Cindy if she would take one with just me, and then one with her and the boys.  Rats!  I guess I was just having a nice time and not thinking about it.

They gave me a new book that I am so excited about, my favorite kind of fuzzy socks in spring colors, vintage blue ball jars that I have been wanting so badly, and a new kind of chocolate.  I’m so spoiled!

We made gram some cute planters in her favorite colors.  She could put these puppies anywhere in her house and they would match.  I made the little popsicle stick pictures so she would know who had made which planter.  We should have just let the boys paint directly on the cans.  Corey spent a long time making sure the cans were perfect (he put on primer and sprayed 3 coats of paint!) thinking the boys would just decorate on top of the color.  Jack and Aly painted over all of his hard work!  Ah well!  And since Truman couldn’t really paint his (or I didn’t really want to go there…) we did his hand print. I think they turned out pretty cute!


I love Mother’s Day.  I love thinking about my mom and the other important women who have blessed my life.  I love eating chocolate at church (our ward gives the good stuff!).  I love getting spoiled by my husband and boys.  And most importantly:  I love being Jack and Alaster and Truman’s mom, and I hope they know it!  There’s nothing in this world I’d rather be doing in my life right now than raising and loving them.  Thank you for being mine, boys!

One thought on “Mother’s Day 2013

  1. What a fun post!!! Your pictures are so cute. Is that a dress or a skirt? It looks super cute. I love the gifts the boys made you and I SUPER LOVE the planters you made. What a fun idea! BTW, seeing you in pictures makes me want to COME AND VISIT!!!

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