Conference Report


Time to report in on Conference Weekend and our Conference Concession Program (yep, it was so official I feel like using all caps for it!).  As you will recall, the boys had been earning tickets for a few weeks that they were to redeem on goodies during Conference.  It turned out great!  Here’s what the “concession stand,” looked like:

Up close:


And here are their jars!  Corey and I were so proud of the boys.  Each one of those little tickets represents something they did RIGHT:


The boys started purchasing things at the very beginning of the first session.  They stuck around in the kitchen to enjoy some toys and treats, and left to the little back yard to enjoy others.  While they were inside they managed to eat or play quietly which allowed Corey and I to listen.  I don’t think I have ever heard so much of the Saturday session!  It was fantastic!  And the boys actually listened to some too!  Huzzah!


Truman didn’t earn any tickets, but we did sneak him a few treats for free 🙂  Also he spent some time eating his Easter Candy:


Have I told you lately that I love this baby?!?  That we ALL love this baby???  Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go grab him out of bed for a squeeze and a kiss!

During conference I really loved and appreciated our little backyard.  It was so nice to watch Conference in the kitchen and still be able to keep an eye on the boys… who were having the time of their lives outside.  Jack and Aly played with their newly purchased toys.  Truman walked around in circles and put rocks in a box.




And seriously… Is there anything cuter than a baby wearing nothing but a onesie and tennis shoes?  Oh!  And carrying his sippy around???  This kid was the last to come inside.   He spent a good 20 minutes out there by himself just walking, walking, walking:


Back inside, Jack and Alaster listened to more of the Session.  Imagine Jack’s delight as he heard not one but TWO speakers use the scripture he had just memorized in preparation to be baptized!  Pres. Eyring and Sister Dalton both cited it. I was so happy that Sister Dalton’s reference of it was in a cool story.  Jack heard them, recognized it right away, and was super excited!


Then there were more purchases… more snacking… and more playing:


It truly was a wonderful family day.  The spirit was strong… we were all happy and enjoying each other and the day… Isn’t conference the best?!?

On Sunday we headed over to Gram and Grampa’s.  Awaiting the boys were more fun conference traditions.  Gram always chooses words for the boys to listen for.  If they hear the word they earn a treat from the bucket with that word.  There was another list of words too on her chalkboard that they could listen for to earn coins that allowed them to purchase toys from a bucket that she put together after the session.  Too cute!  Here are the treat buckets:


And what did Truman spy??


Buckets where they could put their earnings:


Truman was so cute that day:


And I don’t think the boys have ever listened to Conference as much as they did on Sunday.  They wrote down all the special words on a piece of paper, listened carefully, and made tally marks every time they heard a word.  Jack didn’t leave that recliner at ALL during the Sunday morning session.  And thankfully, even though he was mostly listening for the special words, he also listened to what the speakers were saying.  His favorite talk was Sister Wixom’s.  He really liked all of her stories!


Yay for Conference!  Did you have a favorite talk/moment?  My favorite Conference talk was actually from the YW Broadcast.  Sister Dalton gave a super powerful talk to the girls… so powerful in fact that I knew it must be her last.  Last talks are always so good because I think the person realizes it’s their last chance to impart something important and meaningful.  Sister Dalton is my favorite!  She’s right up there with Sister Hinckley, and that is really saying something 🙂  Her teachings have blessed my life tremendously, and I am sad to see her go. 😦

Other favorite talks were “The Savior Wants to Forgive,” by Elder Cardon, “The Lord’s Way,” by Elder Ellis, and… of course… “Lord, I Believe,” by everyone’s favorite speaker… Elder Holland.  I’m sure I will have many more favorites as I study them in the coming months!

One last cool thing… I got to choose 2 talks for our Stake to study on the 4th Sundays of the month!  Our Stake President chose the first 4, and he asked that I choose the last 2.  After praying and pondering about it… I felt we should study “Catch the Wave,” by Elder Nelson, and “Obedience Brings Blessings,” by our Dear Prophet, President Monson.

My favorite moment in conference was actually from President Monson’s talk.  (This moment was not at ALL the reason that I chose it, but it was a really good moment for me personally.)  Raise your hands… any other mothers… who felt comforted by the fact that President Monson would do something so crazy like starting that fire as a little boy???  I could totally see my boys doing something like that.  And now… if they do?  I will take a deep breath… think of President Monson… and not be so worried about their future and how they will turn out.

Your turn!  I’d love to know which talks were your fave!


One thought on “Conference Report

  1. That is the best. idea. ever!! You win 🙂

    Jeff says his favorite talks were Elder Bednar’s on “The Why of Chastity” and Elder Ballard’s on the role of men and women in the priesthood. I am slowly catching up with my conference talks, but from what I have heard during my lunch hour and doing the dishes, it was an AWESOME conference!

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