Cutest Cub Scout on the Block

Turning 8 is a big deal in the life of a boy.  Not only do you get baptized, you get to join the Cub Scouts!

You should know that Corey and his family love the Scout program.  All 5 Burton boys are Eagle Scouts, and I’m sure our sons will keep that tradition alive.

Corey and Grampa had been talking to Jack for ages about becoming a boy scout, and Jack could not have been more excited for his first meeting. Grampa took Jack and Daddy and Uncle Tyler to the Scout offices to get him his uniform.  Jack asked as soon as we got home if he could put them on.  We said “no,” because we wanted him to keep them fresh for his first meeting the following day.

The next day at 6am he came bursting into our bedroom donning his new scout apparel.  It was one of those rare Jack moments where he actually felt little to us.  He had it on all wrong… the belt was over the un-tucked shirt and around his waist– no where near the belt loops of his pants– his scarf was backwards and wonky, and the shirt just swallowed his skinny frame right up.  It. Was. Darling.  He was bursting with nerdy pride and excitement.  All day long he and Alaster asked “How many hours?!?” and talked amongst themselves about what it would be like.

Again… Jack so rarely looks or feels little to us.  Seeing him like this was such a joy to Corey and I!

And don’t worry.  Daddy straightened him all out that evening and he was just as presentable as could be for his first meeting:


Jack’s dearest ambition as a boy scout?  Learn to shoot a real bow and arrow.


The first meeting was a huge success.  Jack didn’t know the leader or any of the other boys (we function on a tri-ward level here), but he had nothing but good things to say when he came home.  Everyone was nice, he liked the leader, and he got to use a hammer and a nail apparently… so… what else could he have possibly wanted?  Corey was lucky enough to be able to observe him a bit because he was in the same building for mutual (although he didn’t stick around long because he knew Jack would want it that way).  Corey reported the same nerdy (rats… these pictures don’t show him with his handbook!), eager excitement, anticipation and pride that we had witnessed all day.

It was so endearing and so sweet.  Jack!  Cute!  Little!  Corey and I both experienced that bitter-sweet-heart-squeezy feeling in a major way!

Scouts has continued to be a bi-monthly joy in his life.  We hope he keeps the enthusiasm for it as long as possible.  How sad will it be when it’s not “cool,” anymore to be a Cub Scout!

One thought on “Cutest Cub Scout on the Block

  1. HE LOOKS SO PLEASED… the scarf does go under the collar on the shirt and there are instructions on how to roll a cub scarf on the internet… HE WILL DO SO WELL IN SCOUTS… I wish I was his cub leader…. wolf is so fun and so easy and so helpful… when Alaster gets to go he will have seen a pinewood derby already WAHOO….
    love aunt deedee

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