I always wanted a baby that was attached to a blanket or stuffed animal.

Grandma Carmen… you’ll be happy to know that your creations are the ones Truman has chosen to place his affections upon.  You made him and Aly almost identical looking blankets, and he loves them both.

Here he was last week when he refused to eat without one:

Corey was not pleased that I allowed this behavior, but I think food is hard enough as it is with this kid.  One battle at a time 🙂  You should have seen the fit he threw when I tried to get him in the chair without it.  Whew!  But as soon as I offered the blanket in his lap he was fine.

He’s not so attached that we are having problems yet. (Insisting upon it at mealtime is certainly not a daily occurrence.)  It’s mostly just very, very sweet.  He wants them when he’s tired or sad.  He likes to bring them places.  He sometimes hands them over to me for safekeeping when he wants to go play without them. He loves to lay and snuggle on them to refresh.  And he must have one of them for nap and bed time.  That is a must.  Not a problem… just a must.  Good thing we have 2!

Our boy sure knows what he likes!

Love you sweet, funny Baby Boy!!!


One thought on “Attached

  1. Too cute. ALL of my littles so far have a special blankie that they still use, (even Parker!). Poor Paige’s is a pile of rags she loves that thing so hard! I am constantly reminding them to put them away during the day…they’re everywhere in my house! Not to mention they all have some sort of stuffed thing they like too. Some nights there isn’t enough room in the bed for Paige! We are trying to bring it down a notch…promise!

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