You have a What… in your WHAT?!?

Okay. Here’s how it went down.

It was last Monday. Bedtime. Jack and I were in my bedroom having a rather serious conversation. One that started with him saying “Mom?  I need to speak with you… privately.”  (Don’t worry, he was fine. He just had a very serious question/worry that needed to be addressed right then.  I’m sure you know what I mean.)

About 15 minutes into my chat with Jack Corey came knocking on the door.  He wanted to interrupt us, but I refused him saying “Hon, trust me on this. Jack and I are talking about something important and we need to finish.  We’ll be out in a minute, K?”  Poor Corey.  He had a pretty funny look on his face when he said “Okay,” and shut the door.

Apparently it turned out he was dealing with a rather serious matter of his own.  Alaster had a ROCK in his EAR.  Whaaaaat?!?!  I had been with him all afternoon and he hadn’t mentioned a thing!  Actually, after Jack said he needed a private chat, Aly said that he did too.  Maybe he was going to tell me?  I thought he was just feeling left out. One quick look with a flashlight confirmed it.  Yep.  That’s a rock in there alright!  Corey had been trying to get it out himself, but nothing was working.  The only other thing we could think of was to call a neighbor with one of those baby-bulby-sucky-thingies to see if that would help.

It didn’t.


(Yep!  That’s the actual pebble!  They let him keep it!)

Aly and I headed to the ER, where he pretty much could not have been any cuter.  He chatted away happily about Christmas and whatever else came to mind.  He held my hand and told me he loved me.  He was very interested in everything at the ER.  He cooperated nicely with all the various check in people and nurses.  He wondered if he would earn a sticker or a sucker?  It was charming, sweet Alaster at his best!

But no matter how hard we tried… he would not tell anyone how the rock got in there!  He would just say “I don’t remember,” or “I don’t know.”  He honestly had me convinced that it happened without his knowledge and he just happened to notice it in there at bedtime.  Maybe some kid was kicking rocks in the playground and it just jumped right in there?!?  I don’t know!

Well.  After one failed attempt by the nurse to retrieve it with a rather remarkable pair of tweezers, wherein Aly felt some pain, his mood darkened considerably, as did mine.  The whole time I had been giggling to myself about this scenario we found ourselves in, but when my sweet, sweet boy started to cry… well… you can imagine how I felt then.

I tried to cheer him up.  He sat on my lap facing me, and I rubbed his back.  I tried to rekindle our conversation about Christmas but that didn’t help.  Then I thought I’d make him laugh by hugging him as hard as I could and telling him “If I squeeze hard enough that rock will pop right out!”  He thought that was funny and he started to smile and laugh a little again.  On a roll now, I asked him “Hey Aly, do you think if I blew air really hard in your other ear, it would blow the rock out of that one?!?”  He got the most serious look on his face, looked straight in my eyes and without a hint of doubt in his voice, said “Try it.”  I started laughing so hard I almost couldn’t control myself.  Then, knowing he had a good joke, he kept screaming “Try it!  Try it!” While we both laughed, until I actually did 🙂  I can only imagine what people walking past our room were thinking.

Isn’t he handsome in this pic? :


The doc finally came in and they were able to irrigate it with water and push it out that way.  Whew!

It was scary for poor Aly, but we hope he learned his lesson.  I say “hope,” instead of “know,” because I asked him if he was ever going to do this again and he just got a big mischievous grin on his face.  Oh that boy!  What am I going to do with him?!?!

At about 10:30pm when we were finally home and about to open the front door he declared “Okay!  I’ll tell you how it got in there.”  He explained to me “Well… first I put it in here (pointing to his belly button).. then I put it in my ear.”  Then before I could comment his voice got really fast and defensive… “But I didn’t mean for it to go in there!  I tried to get it out and it just kept going in further and further!!!”

Well it’s out now.  No permanent damage done and I have lots of cute, funny memories of my boy because of it.  This is our first accident related ER trip, so I guess I really should be counting my blessings.  For a family with 3 boys, I’d say it could have been a lot worse!


3 thoughts on “You have a What… in your WHAT?!?

  1. Just had a wonderful time catching up with the latest Burton updates! Sorry I don’t comment more often. I think I tend to be a binge blogger! But I just love your posts. And I really really love that quote by Sister Hinckley. She makes me feel so good 🙂

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