Easter Morning started nice and early with our second year of Burton Family Easter Devotional at Dawn.  That tradition started last year, HERE.

As we went outside the boys were each oozing their individual versions of cute. I got a bit of it on camera, so look at each of the pics! So many of the collages in this post I wanted to break up to show and talk about each picture individually, but my posts are already Dicken’s length compared to most people’s blog posts, so I resisted.  Just promise you’ll look closely in the collages this time at my cute, cute funny boys, alright?

The “dawn,” part of our morning was a bit anticlimactic.  The morning was quite cloudy so we didn’t actually see the sun clear the horizon and burst out beautifully and symbolically like last year.  At about 7:00am Corey asked “Hey wasn’t sunrise supposed to be at 6:38?”  Dang.  We went inside.  Ah well!  I’m still glad the tradition lives on, and we still had our devotional, so there you go.  I’m sure we’ll see all types of sunrises in the coming years.  Probably they are all symbolic if we look close enough.

Maybe this year the lesson was: He’s there, working in and warming our lives… even when sometimes He feels hidden.  Maybe it was supposed to teach us about THIS.


The Before Church pics.:  (Jack took this one of me and Corey :))



Jack (using his Cub Scout manual and the instructions Daddy had given on Baptism Day) tied his own tie for church.  I don’t think he is old enough for this behavior.


And the elusive baby… no camera can catch this kid once we let him outside!  This is the best we got:


But on the way HOME from church (which was wonderful… church that is…) he was strapped in, and I took advantage!  Can you spy:  Darling new shoes from Gram (okay the whole outfit was from her!), Bunny Ears from Jack, Hands opening and closing for Twinkle Twinkle, and “Ta-Da!”


Back from Church I try again for shots by the tree (the door wasn’t an ideal backdrop, but that morning the light was too wonky for the tree).  This is my favorite collage of the day.  Bottom Right Hand corner my favorite shot (mostly because of Aly’s bum!).  Oh, those boys!


I think Jack’s shot in the morning was better than mine in the afternoon!


Boys dressed in bright and happy new clothes on the way to Gram and Grampa’s!  How big does Truman look in these pictures?!?  In Tennis Shoes?!? Ahhhhh!!! And Jack and Aly posing soooo sweetly 🙂


Okay my real favorite picture of the day is in this collage, top left.  I was trying to get Truman to smile for a picture by saying a french phrase he finds humorous.  Jack and Aly thought his giggle was super darling, and it made them laugh too:


We arrive at Grams… (I LOVE these pics):



Where an outside:


AND inside hunt awaited the boys:


So fun!!! Truman just kind of humored us until he got distracted by more obviously fun things like an open candy dish. “You want me to pick that up and put it in here? Yeah, okay. Sure. I can see this makes you happy.  Hey, is that CANDY over there?!?”

Then we had a fabulous festive dinner (please notice our plate settings that included personalized Easter treats from Gram):


And I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to take some pictures of cute Easter Decorations at Gram’s house.  I’d like to know just how many candy dishes she owns… not just Easter, but all the Holidays combined. So Cute!  So Yummy!


And of course there were Easter baskets for all of us.  We didn’t get too many pics though!  Shoot!  Just a few with Jack and Alaster.  But we all loved our goodies!  She even made me a mango-sea-salt scrub!  It was amazing!  And that lady knows how to choose chocolate, I tell you what!  We were all very happy with our presents!  Thanks again!


Truman didn’t care for dinner (shocker), but he sure loved his new Baby I-Pad (no, that’s not what it’s called, but it’s so fancy it could be). Truman is a button fanatic, so this kept him busy for the rest of the night 🙂 It was probably a toss up whether the I-Pad or the mini gummy bears were his favorite item in his Easter basket.  Did you know Truman has a major sweet tooth???


I hope your Easter was full of hope and light and happiness as you thought about our Savior.  Easter really is the best, huh?

Happy Easter
Happy Spring
Happy, Happy Everything!

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