First Encounters: Popsicles and Crayons

No matter how I tried to teach him the proper (much less sticky and cold way) of holding the thing, he just didn’t get it!



He really liked it, but kept switching hands, flexing and looking at his cold, sticky fingers.


Nope.  Not what I meant by “Use the stick part,”:


His poor hands couldn’t take it for too long… but he sure enjoyed it for a minute or two 🙂


Guess what?!?  Truman loves to color!  One day after his bath I pulled the crayons and paper out.  He got this activity right away, and we colored and colored for a really long time.  He loved it!  And I loved watching his sweet, chubby hands at work!


After quite a long time of actually coloring we got bored of being traditional.  He had lots of fun pouring them all out and then putting them all back in again.


And we’ve spent time coloring every day since…


I think I’ll try finger paints soon!


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