Baptism Day – Part 2

After the baptism we popped back home to grab our slow cooker soup and salad… then off to Gram and Grampa’s house for the party!

When we arrived Casey and Christine presented Jack with a Hawaiian money lei they had made themselves!  It was amazing, and Jack totally loved it. After carefully removing the money he wore the necklace to school for several days.  It’s hanging now in his room.

Christine grew up in Hawaii so lei’s are an important part of her family traditions.  She received them at her baptism, and now she’s carrying the tradition on!  We sure love you Aunt Christine and Uncle Casey!!!

Then it was time to eat!  Gram and I both made slow cooker soups and salads.  All other embellishments to the meal were from Gram.  Thank you!  Do you love the 8 balloons?  Fun!


Getting ready in the kitchen… (Truman only leaned away because she offered him pineapple.  The nerve!)


Lunch as a family… (except for Truman who of course, refused to eat.  Instead he made lots of trips taking chocolates out of a candy dish and bringing them back to Uncle Tyler.  The top right pic is the chocolates on the table by Tyler.)


And then we just hung out!  The boys played games with everyone.  Truman ate ginormous amounts of animal crackers and drank massive amounts of water from a cup.  We watched Les Miserables.  We talked and relaxed and laughed at the boys antics.  It was a great time as always!


We are so lucky to have family in the area.  We are also lucky to have wonderful friends!  Check out these cute gifts from Danielle Hart (Cupcakes with his favorite 4 S’s… he ate the spider before I got a chance to snap a photo!) and Melanie Sweet (who is a wonder with all things scrapbookey and paper!)


Jack also got a very cute Baptism bag from Gram’s talk about the Holy Ghost.  She gave him different items to represent the blessings the Holy Ghost gives to us.  His favorite item was a fleece quilt… the comforter!  He also really loved the compass that represented giving him guidance and direction.

By the end of the day we were perfectly happy and perfectly spent.  Thanks again to everyone for supporting and loving our Jack.  We have the best friends and family in the world!


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