The Face of…

A Genius????????????

Hahahaha!  That picture kills me!

Okay, now here’s the deal.  We think Truman might be a genius.  Now I know, I know.  His vocabulary is… limited… at this point… but he’s got so many other things going for him!

Truman didn’t like to read books when he was little.  This was shocking to me because Jack and Alaster have loved books from day one.  Slowly though, he has learned to appreciate them.  First he started to like books with photographs of actual people, preferably babies (not photographs of objects or animals, and certainly nothing that was illustrated).  Then the next thing he became interested in was letters and numbers.  He would point to them… glance up at me… and wait for me to say the name.  I didn’t think this stage would last, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

One day I thought I’d test him and see if any of it was sinking in.  I casually asked “Hey Truman, where’s the 3?” on a page that included numbers 1-10.  He pointed right to it, without hesitation.  Encouraged, I tried again. “Where’s the 5?”  Right to it again!  He could correctly identify EVERY number!  Just to see if he was simply memorizing that particular book/font Jack wrote the numbers in a random order on a scrap piece of paper and we tested again.  He didn’t miss ONE of them!  My less than 20 month old baby knows his numbers!

We have also tested letters.  If he is looking at all 26 and doesn’t quickly find the one we asked for he gets disinterested and moves on.  However, he almost always gets them right if they are in small groups, capital and lower case letters alike.  And he looks for letters EVERYWHERE.  Like EVERYWHERE.  One day I even found him on the floor of a building by a vent pointing to a screw and looking up expectantly at me.  I wondered what was up until I realized that the tops of screws look like they have X on them.  I said “X?” and he raised his hands up ta-da style to let me know that’s what he was thinking.

I know he doesn’t understand what they mean yet, but I still think it’s impressive that he can identify them at this age.  I also find his attention span to be pretty unreal.  He will sit and look at these books, careful to touch each and every number or letter on the page (including the page #’s and all #’s and letters that are not actually what the author intended you to be looking at!) before we flip, and he will go through every page.

Maybe it was all that Kindermusic…


(Ha!  Did you catch that post-combining magic I just did??  Truman and I did Kindermusic with my friend Alysa, just like Alaster did in the summer.  It was so fun!  We weren’t there for class pictures the last day, but Alysa sent me the file anyway, and I snagged some pictures of her with Truman at our house another day.  It was so fun for him and I to do this together!  We are big Kindermusic fans!)

So anyways.  Yeah.  Genius baby.

Something else he has done recently that make me think he is either smart or obsessive compulsive or some kind of combo:  Find my stash of ear-plugs and line them up, one by one on my windowsill, using one tiny, chubby finger to gently nudge them all into a perfect row.

Another thing I find totally adorable:  All the ways he finds to communicate to us without using words.  He points with his finger.  He brings us items to show us what he wants (bringing shoes and coats to us= I want to get out of this place!).  He gushes and squeals and opens his eyes so expressively when the answer to something I asked him is “yes.” (Do I really want him to start talking and for that to end???) He shakes his head “no,” (he’s done that since he was 4 months old or something ridiculous!  If I looked back I know I posted about it!).  He points in certain ways for certain things.  He has a definite “Water,” point (no matter where we are in relation to the water) and a definite “Gabba,” point.

Something we do not doubt:  That he understands us!  Whether it’s “sit down,” in the tub, or “can I have a hug?” or “time to go!” or “we’re going to pray!” or many other like commands and comments… he does just what he should (unless he’s being a stinker!).

His latest word:  “Mama!”  He can say this one on command now (for which our whole family gushes and praises him most profusely), and I think he knows what it means.  He used it once in a time of distress when trying to get my attention.  I counted that for sure!  Other than that he can say “Hi,” and that’s about it!  There are sounds he uses “Da,” and sometimes “Ya,” which usually mean “yes,” but I don’t think those count.  There was that one amazing day that he said “boy,” but that was a pretty quick act that didn’t repeat!  So that’s it!  He knows all his letters and numbers but can only say one and a half words!  Who is this kid?!?!

His latest sound:  “OOOoooo OOO!”  As in “Truman, what does the monkey say?”  I am trying to help him shorten and accent it to a nice “Ooo!  Ooo!” but for now we’ll take the softer, longer version.  The mouth shape is dead on, and totally cute!

There’s so much more to be said about this baby we are all crazy about, but it will have to wait!

Up Next:  Jack’s Baptism!  I should be doing all of this in order, but I have pretty much given up hope on that.  I’ll post the baptism next because I know my family who couldn’t be there would really like to see/hear about it.

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