Vintage Alaster

I’m here, I’m here!  It’s not too late!!!  It’s not too late!!!  I still have 1.5 hrs. till this day is officially over to reach my goal.  I actually didn’t think it would happen today (Already? How pathetic!) but here I am.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Spring Break was fun for lots of reasons, one of the best being that Alaster seemed to be in a particularly charming mood.  He reminded me lots of how wonderful it was to have just him around the house before Truman was born and when Jack was in school.  Such a darling boy!

The first morning of Spring Break he asked if I wanted to play babies.  Sure, I love playing that! (Yes, this is one we play from time to time together.)  So he got his baby, Paul, and I got my baby, Truman.  We changed our babies bums (you should see how sweet and careful he is doing that for Paul!!!).  We fed our babies (Fake Food that Truman was totally confused by).  We loved on them.  We wrapped them in blankets.  AND we gave them a bath (Which was something we had never done with our babies before… well… I had given Truman a bath before, but… Oh you know what I mean!):

(Seeing Paul float around in the tub was super funny.)

Alaster carefully washed Paul’s whole body… his hair… everything!  He was sparkling by the end 🙂

But I do think he was starting to get a bit jealous of Paul and Truman having all the fun…


No, you don’t see mold on my grout.  Awwww man.  It is impossible to get rid of!  Shhhh!!!  Don’t tell anyone!!!


He also pulled out the tramp one day and did quiet activities at the table while I cooked and cleaned.  I remember how he used to do that all the time!  Ohhhhh!!!




Mr. Morgan?  You are so wonderful!

I love your bright and active imagination, your kind and generous heart, and your funny, sweet ways!!!

And now, I must show you a darling picture.  When I say darling… I mean ALASTER is darling.  That bathroom lighting on my post-shower un-make-up-ed face with wet hair pulled back sure isn’t doin’ much for ME!  Ah well!!!

Please be sure to notice how he is holding my hand down at the bottom:


Smooches Mr. Morgan!  I sure love you!  Thanks for being such a fun around-the-house buddy!


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