A Bit

We got some snow last night…

Just a bit. 🙂

School is cancelled and although this picture of our white-trashy looking backyard doesn’t show it… it is simply beautiful outside.  A little ironic that spring break is extended due to a massive snow storm?  A bit!  But it sure is beautiful nonetheless.

This just in:  Ashlee has set a new goal!  I am going to attempt a great-blog-catch-up like my friend Catherine.  She knew exactly how many posts it would take to get caught up… I am not so sure.  I just plan to post daily… bit by bit… until the job is done. Why am I telling you this?  In the hopes that I feel some measure of accountability to follow through, of course!

Wish me luck, and I shall see you tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “A Bit

  1. I think snow is beautiful too! I am going to help keep you accountable about posting, but only because I enjoy it sooo much!!

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