Party Time!

Due to the double-ear-infection-situation and the fact that Truman and Aly aren’t totally well either… we ended up cancelling Jack’s Friend B-Day Party.  We promised we’d do something when everyone is well, and he was a super good sport about it.

BUT… the pizza was already purchased… the treats already made… and it seemed like a shame to waste it all,  so we called Gram, Grampa and Uncle Tyler to see if they were still game for a party.  And good news!  They were!

Gram came bearing super fun Saint Patty’s Day surprises:
J's BDay1

And Tyler’s mere presence was enough to make this baby happy!

J's BDay2

We donned our hats and the party began!  Jack wanted PaPa Murphy’s pizza (we usually go for the cheap stuff, so this was a real treat!).  He chose Cheese, and a half Gourmet Vegetarian/half Garlic Chicken.  Yummmmm!  Gram brought a delicious salad and a festive Saint Patrick’s Day drink (lime sorbet+Sprite)… you’ll see Jack and Aly drinking it out of their fancy straws!

J's BDay3

J's BDay4

J's BDay5

After food it was present time!  My Grandma Carmen and PaPa bought Jack a wonderful Baptism Memory Book.  It’s great!  It has places to put pictures, write testimony, and lots of inspirational pages too.  Wonderful!  And Uncle Travis sent him DVD’s of Discovery Channel and MythBuster’s Shark Week!  Ahhhh!

J's BDay6

Mom and Dad’s present this year was a Double Light Saber, which he wanted desperately and didn’t disappoint!  He’s got some pretty fancy moves with it already.  You better watch out!!!

J's BDay7

Uncle Tyler gave him a most hilarious singing Sponge Bob Card and Fun Money…

J's BDay8

And Gram and Grampa gave him some cute new clothes and sandals, a gift certificate to a location of his choice (Indy’s Children’s Museum, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, or the Lincoln Museum in Springfield), and… ROLLERBLADES!

J's BDay9

J's BDay10

J's BDay11

After trying out his new toys we were ready for treats!  I made brownie bites with chocolate cream cheese frosting and minced strawberries, and chocolate fudge cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting, topped with 8’s.  Don’t tell me you don’t get the 8’s or I’ll be sad.  It was the best I could come up with!  Jack didn’t want a themed cake this year… just chocolate cupcakes with 8’s.  Easy Peasy!  And the brownie bites were pretty danged delicious, if I do say so myself!

J's BDay12

J's BDay13

The rest of the day was super relaxed.  The kids were sick after all.  We hung out, watched movies, played and enjoyed our Saint Patty’s Day gifts from Gram. (Gram:  Alaster wanted you to see that he ate his whole snack bag!  He made me take that silly picture for you to see!)

J's BDay14

All in all… a great day!  Thank you to everyone who remembered our oldest boy!  We sure love our wonderful family and friends!!!

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