The Face of 8

It’s official! Jacko is 8!

He and I are sitting on the couch together at this very moment.  Daddy and Aly are at church.  Truman is in bed.

About an hour ago I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when he came in.  He helped me make our enchiladas and we’ve been talking, joking and having a general fun time together ever since.  He even let me take “Hey look, I’m 8!” pictures.  Quite a few!  40 to be exact!



Yes, he’s goofy for sure, but Isn’t he handsome too?


And Yes, I know he needs his hair cut too. (It seems like he always needs his hair cut!)  Don’t worry… we’ll take care of it before the baptism!  And by the way… I think he’s perfectly handsome as is.  I love his stick straight hair.  I think it matches his personality.  I love to tell people “Jack has the most intentionally straight hair I have ever seen.”  It’s truly one of his trademarks!

And here’s his “You’d never have guessed it, but this little boy grew up and became the President of the United States!” Picture:


Gotta love those teeth!


And my favorite shot of the day:


I think it’s because he’s looking up and smiling at me.

Would you believe that the boy in these pictures has bad infections in both of his ears?  I took him to instacare Friday night when he started complaining of pain.  He was so, so sweet, and so, so sad.  He asked that I hold him on my lap and snuggle him while we waited to be seen for over an hour.

I held him tight and thought of just how lucky I am to have this special little boy in my life… and I wondered for how much longer will he crave physical affection like this from me?  I certainly can’t see an 18 year old Jack wanting to be rocked by mom when he’s sick.  How about when he’s 13?  How about 11?  I’m not sure.  I just know I’ll give it to him for as long as he wants, and I’ll cherish it while it lasts.  And even though our relationship will evolve throughout his life… as it should… I hope we’ll always be as close as we are right now.  Different kind of close?  Sure.  But close nonetheless.  I can’t imagine my life without this boy!

Happy Birthday Buddy!!!  Thanks for the pictures!!!  We all love you so much!!!

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