The Face Of Sick


Is it just our family or has this winter been the worst winter in history for getting sick?

These pathetically sweet shots are from December time when Truman contracted RSV.  Saddest. Thing. Ever.  (Well… almost.  THIS one still takes the cake.)


Today Jack is home with a fever, cough, headache, runny nose, upset tummy and general malaise.  Alaster has a super runny nose and wicked cough.  Truman has a smaller version of what Aly has (I hope!  I really don’t want him to head down Jack’s path of illness!) And I think I feel the beginnings of something too… although I am trying to smother that right out!


I don’t know.  It feels like as soon as we get over something we have one or two days of good health before someone in the family gets struck with something new!  Is it because Alaster started Kindergarten?  Is it because Truman started Nursery?  It is just the way the cookie crumbles?

I get a little annoyed because I try my darndest to feed our family healthily, to ensure they are getting enough physical activity and sleep, and to keep our house clean.  I don’t think we deserve this kind of bad luck!  Is there something that I’m missing?!?


I guess the good news is that we get a lot more of this:


When the babies are sick.  Yesterday I quite enjoyed the quiet time I spent playing board games, reading, and snuggling up with the afflicted.

And I’m sure I will enjoy it today too.  And for myself I plan to do some extra blogging once all my chores and other necessaries are completed 🙂


So how is winter treating you this year?!?!


4 thoughts on “The Face Of Sick

  1. Well I think we are all tired of this long sicky winter… We are both sick again too. Zinc zinc zinc. I am starting the cold eze now. Our issues are stress related and soon as this semester is over…. Wahooooo

  2. Those are the ABSOLUTE saddest pictures I think I have ever seen. Who could resist that face?! I agree it’s been a terrible winter. We had Noah in the ICU for 8 days with RSV and I’m pretty sure the other kids all took a round of it that just wasn’t bad enough to be taken in, two rounds of the barfies, and even Brandon has gotten it all. He’s usually able to avoid us and keep healthy, but not this year. 😦 Yay for spring soon!!

  3. Aw, poor Truman! So sad. I agree with Aunt Dee Dee. It’s been a very long, miserable winter. Only been sick a few times, so thank goodness for that. But definitely ready for summer! It was a balmy 72 degrees here today! I’m not getting my hopes up though.. Utah likes to trick you, I’m sure you know.

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