Boys Night Out!

Last Friday night Corey took the older boys to Family Fun Night at the elementary school. Truman and I wanted to go, but… well… Truman really needed to be on time to bed, and I was super grumpy so it ended up being an older boys night out! Fun!

Corey declined the invitation to make this a guest post so I’m gonna let the pictures do the talkin’ tonight:
Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night2

Family Fun Night3

The boys came home with bags full of prizes and goodies, tummies full of pizza, and thoughts stocked with happy memories. Corey couldn’t say enough about what a good time they had… how pleasant and friendly everyone was… and what a nice evening it turned out to be!

And since they didn’t get a shot with the 3 of them at the school I snagged a few quickly when they returned home:

Family Fun Night4

Family Fun Night5

What a fun, fun night!


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