For My Uncle

Hey Uncle!!!  I know, I know.  You came to Chicago forever ago!  I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to get these pictures up.  But look how cute they are:

Truman pretty much thought you were the most interesting, funny, cool guy ever!  I knew you’d be instant friends.  After all… he does get 1/4th of his name from you and yours.


The shot of you holding him in the collage above, bottom left, is probably my favorite picture I got of the two of you.  This one is my second fave:


Love you!  Thanks so much for letting us come and see you!!!

For everyone else reading:  My Dearest Uncle Kyle came to Chicago on business in early January.  He had a couple of hours between the end of his workshop and when he had to fly out, so Truman and I made the trek to see him.  Driving through Chicago was… an experience… but we made it 🙂

I absolutely love spending time with my Uncle.  When you are with him, you are guaranteed a few things:  A) You WILL laugh.  B) You WILL learn something.  and C) You WILL feel loved.

Mostly this trip we just caught up on the goings-on in each of our families as there wasn’t time for much else.  And  I gotta say… I had heard a few of the stories from other people’s lips… but hearing the same stories from Uncle’s perspective was a real treat.  It makes me giggle just thinking about it 🙂

Any other family members coming to Chicago soon?  Aunt Shir?  You come here sometimes with Fidelity, right???

To all of you:  Let me know if you plan to be in my neck of the woods.  We’ll come see you for sure!!!

PS– Are you all proud of my rapid-fire posting the last little while?!?  I WILL get caught up.  I WILL!!!  I WILL!!!  If I say it enough times, it’s bound to come true.


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