Les Aventures Parisiennes de Ashlee et Corey!

About the end of November last year, Corey’s shift changed at work.  He still works 60 hours a week, but instead of most of them being while the boys and I are asleep, he now works 9am-6pm with only 2 overnight shifts a week!  This means he is awake when I am awake.  This means we can have dinner together.  This makes going to the temple on Saturdays much, much easier.  This means his body isn’t being put through the ringer quite so badly.  AND this means he and I get most evenings together!!!!

Did you know that this is the first time in our entire almost-9-year marriage that this has been the case?!?  He and I have always worked with opposing schedules. (Except for weird in-between-job-ish type times.  It’s certainly never lasted!)

Even though the change is difficult for him some days…  Consider, for instance, how he works all day Tuesday, then the overnight shift on Tuesday evening, and again all day Wed.  AND he still makes the effort to go to Mutual on Wed. evenings!!!… He still feels (and me too!) that the benefits of his new schedule are very, very worth it!


Being as we are new to this whole… being together… business… it has taken some getting used to.  Evenings used to be when I spent some good quality alone time.  I used to read scriptures, blog, have girls nights, do stuff for my calling, etc.  Or, I would run myself completely ragged during the day and then completely veg when the boys were in bed.

I’ve needed to remember a good bit of advice I was given prior to getting married. “Always make sure you have something left for your husband when he gets home.”  You may think that totally old fashioned advice, but I don’t!  After one week of Corey and I watching TV every. single. night. together (because we were just SO worn out from the day!) I had a mini-freak-out.  I didn’t marry Corey so that I could watch TV in the same room with him!  I want to actually spend time with him!  I want to interact!  I want to learn and grow together!  Thankfully, Corey feels this way too.  We don’t want to basically just be co-parenting, home-managing, partners.  We want to be in love! We want to experience joy in our marriage! TV every once and a while is just fine, but every night?!?  Unacceptable.

SO… we made some changes.

The day I had said mini-freak-out, Corey went to Hobby Lobby and came home with that puzzle you see up there.  He built us a simple puzzle board with edges to keep the pieces from falling off, and we started doing it at night once the boys were in bed.  It was a good chance to talk and do something fun.  I began to think of our puzzle-time together all day.  It’s so nice to have something fun to look forward to!

After that easy puzzle was done we decided we’d do a more difficult one.  Corey found this beauty for us:


Mr. van Gogh’s Cafe Terrace at Night.  It’s a painting van Gogh did in Arles, France.  To make the evening we started more festive we rented Midnight in Paris from the library.  I wanted to make eclairs or something to go with it… but it didn’t happen.  We had seen the movie before (it’s clean and cute and beautiful to watch… if you haven’t seen it yet we highly recommend!) so we were able to chat a little during the show while working on our puzzle.

We talked about Paris… ahhh Paris!  The language!  The food!  The architecture! The art!  The history!  C’est Magnifique, no?!?

Right then and there we decided we are going.  Someday. 🙂  Maybe our 20th wedding anniversary?  After we achieve a few important financial goals, we are starting a Paris fund.  In the mean time however… we are going to learn French together. We’re going to watch French films.  We’re going to eat French food.  We’re going to study French history.  We’re going to plan exactly where we want to go and what we want to do…  We’re going to become good old fashioned Francophiles.

Do you see that bookmark with the Eiffel Tower on it?  That was Corey’s very sweet birthday present to me.  I couldn’t love it more. Merci, Corey!  Je t’aime tellement!!!

Another delightful change has been our new cell phones, and a new cell plan which includes texting.  Huzzah!  We love being able to stay in touch with each other throughout the day.  Some days we are communicating all day long.  Some days just a little.


I love to send him pictures of Truman and what we are doing.  It melts my heart to get responses like this one:


With the schedule change also came a return of Date Night!  We have a Friday Night swap going with the Freestones and the Stewarts.  We watch all the kids one week, then we get the next 2 off!  The parents look forward to it… the kids look forward to it (except for Truman, of course!)… it’s a win, win win!!!

We actually really enjoy our night to host.  The kids are so funny!  Just look at all these cute, cute boys!



Well.  I feel sad that there isn’t a picture of Corey and I to end the post with.  On our last date I took the camera, but it was out of batteries.  😦

No worries.

There is now plenty of time… and there will be plenty of evenings… where I can get one!


2 thoughts on “Les Aventures Parisiennes de Ashlee et Corey!

  1. Aww, I love this! And thanks for the movie rec. I have wanted to see that one, but forgot about it. Do you own it? Also, the boys loved looking at the pictures of themselves! Thanks for taking them!

  2. I love that movie, too! I am glad you are getting to spend so much time together. Picking out a thoughtful film from the library and discussing it afterwards is one of my favorite “in house” date night things to do. Neal and I also enjoy sharing insightful news/journal articles with each other throughout the day because it gives us interesting food for conversation in the evenings. We’re nerdy like that.

    Can you believe that I studied art in both college and grad school and never once made it to Paris? I’ve made it to London twice, but never to Paris. I’ve always been a little bothered by that, so I can definitely sympathize with the desire to go. Sainte-Chapelle is on the must-see places before I die list.

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