Sometimes our Family Home Evening’s get started a bit later than we’d like.  We don’t have time for a long game after the lesson is over, so we opt for something quick and fun.  Something like… LIMBO!


Can you spot:  Aly the cheater-pants, mommy and daddy participating, and the best limbo-er of the evening? If so, please award yourself 5 points.  Hey!  I think that’s the first time I’ve given away points on WordPress!  Huzzah!

Note: Limbo can easily convert to: How-High-Can-You-Jump-Over-The-Stick?  Also a classic.


Alright.  Your turn to share!  Stock me up with all your quick, entertaining, let’s-do-an-activity-and-get-to-bed, ideas!  Also… try limbo sometime and let me know how it goes.  We had so much fun!


2 thoughts on “Limbolicious!

  1. We love Kindermusik activities for nights like this! A little song with an activity to go along and the kiddos are satisfied and we’ve all had fun. Limbo sounds super fun, too.

  2. First thought, sometimes we pull out our whiteboard (paper would suffice) and play a few rounds of Pictionary. We each just choose our own picture to draw and let the guessing begin. Even a game of 20 questions is fun but often we play it the opposite way by giving 20 descriptions as for our 3 year old coming up with questions is a little bit tough, at least ones that will eventually lead to the right answer. Dance parties are also great fun. We’ve never played limbo before. So trying this. I’d love to hear all of your other quick activities/games.

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