A very, very, very full day indeed!


I know I said it on our blogger blog (bloggity-blog-blog-bloggerson). But it’s worth repeating here on WordPress… I love Valentine’s Day!!!  Here’s how she went down this year.

I made these for Corey and the boys:


I had their Valentines and treat bags sitting out on the table before breakfast, as is tradition.  Jack, our early riser, found them first, followed quickly by an inquisitive, excited baby (you should have seen his darling face!).  Jack was so cute showing him what to do!  They both got started on their treats before breakfast even started.  Good thing I had packed a squeezy in there!


This year’s Strawberry Themed Breakfast was… Crepes!


Strawberries taste better when heart-shaped… it’s true.


The boys all heartily approved.  Even Corey, who… get this… doesn’t really like Strawberries.  Whaaaaat????


The boys went off to school happy as clams.  They took the Valentines they had prepared the day previously and were so excited for their class parties!



Okay. Now I have to interrupt the story to tell you about a problem Truman has with climbing our kitchen table.  Not too long after he had weaseled his way onto Jack’s chair there, he was on top.  Again.

If things get quiet in the morning I know JUST where that baby is.  He likes to climb up and play with the clementines.  He throws them.  He claps them together.  He moves them out of the bowl to a spot on the table and back again.  And he KNOWS he’s not supposed to be there.  The kid jumps sky-high when I catch him.

Notice: The bottom row picture with his hands in the air “Dah!” as in… “Ta-Da!”


Back to V-Day:  After Truman and I got everyone to their respective locations we headed to the Stake Center.  I was in charge of a Missionary Zone Conference Luncheon that day.  Fun!  I had been at the Stake Center with helpers the night before, prepping food. V-Day was go time!  I thought it turned out very cute, and I learned a lot in the process that will help me when I start planning even larger dinners for the Sisters in the Stake.


Look how cute they are!  Singing and swaying together…

Then off to the gym for lunch!


After lunch they pulled us into the gym to say thank you.  They formed a giant half circle and serenaded us!  There was a spiritual #, and a special Valentine’s Day treat, a song called “I think you’re wonderful!”  Thanks missionaries!  We think you’re wonderful too!

Notice:  The pic of Truman walking by some missionaries who turned and sang in his direction.  He had walked in, confused and delighted by what was happening.  Pretty Funny!  Pretty Cute!


Before we headed home I had to snag a pic with Sister Clark, the Mission President’s Wife. Does she have a special title?  Mission Matron, perhaps?  I dunno.  You may actually know her as “The Councilwoman.”  If you have read one of her semi-famous daughter’s blogs, HERE or HERE.


Truman, bless his heart, did tremendously well all things considered.  The first 2 and 1/2 hours he was a perfect peach.  After that he started to lose it.  Poor kid crashed hard when we got home!  And while he did, I made cookies.

I had already made my Valentine’s for Gram, Grampa, and Uncle Tyler.  Then the boys made their contributions with Corey the night before.  I really liked THIS heart-box idea, and knew one 7 year old paper-folding-maniac who would enjoy it.  They filled them with M&M’s, and I used the leftover candies to make the cookies.


And after Truman and I picked the boys up from school we headed over to Gram’s to deliver!

I gotta say:  It is SO nice to have a Gram’s house to go to sometimes.  I had been on my feet working quite a bit in the previous 48 hrs, and it was lovely to go and crash for a minute.  We let the boys relax and she and I caught up on things.  It was so nice!  I didn’t want to leave!  She made it easier by sending us home with lots of Valentine’s Day goodness.  Yummmmmmmmm…


After getting Corey and having a super easy dinner I took off with my friend Melissa to go visit our friend Mildred at her nursing home.  Someday I’ll tell you about Mildred.  She’s great!

By the time I got home the boys were in bed, and Corey and I were able to enjoy a nice, quiet night together.  More on he and I in an upcoming post 🙂

For now I will leave you with some sweetness from the boys.  Jack and Aly made Valentine’s for me, Corey, and each other all week long.  Some were more elaborate than others, but I loved ALL of them… even the little scraps of paper with a simple, pencilled heart.  So sweet.

AND… I loved these notes Aly brought home from school for me:



What a sweet boy!

Finally, I will end this super long post (Anyone still reading at this point?  No?) with a simply horrible, picture I took on V-Day:


I canNOT get a cute picture of Truman and I.  I have lots and lots with Jack and Alaster that I love.  I need one of me and Truman too!  I don’t know if you knew this, but I am quite fond of that baby.  And… I might add… he is quite fond of me too!  I’d really like to be able to show that to him in the years to come.

ANYwho.  Valentine’s Day… my Favorite day… was splendid around here.  I hope yours was as well!

Lots and Lots of Love from Me to YOU!

4 thoughts on “A very, very, very full day indeed!

  1. I look forward to your posts SO much… YOU MET HER!!!!! Long story … Her sister in law lived down the street from us in Provo, Cindy Nemrow!!!! and if course she is nienie and Cjane’s mom!!! What lucky missionaries …. I miss you Ash.. We all do… The Lord is very mindful if you and your little family… Those boys are missionaries in training you and Corey are doing a great job !!! Love aunt deedee

  2. Ashlee, thanks for the link to your blog! What a cute family. And what a fun mom you are! Your Valentine’s Day was pretty crazy, but I’m sure your kids (and the missionaries!) loved it! I’ll definitely be back. 🙂 –Missy

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