Break Time!

Did you love Christmas Break?  We loved Christmas Break.  Mostly we just took it easy, staying cozied up inside our house. I was so happy to have the boys home!  I think we took Corey to work maybe twice the whole break so that we could have the car.

During the Break WE

went to the Indoor Playground:


had Henry and Theo over for a whole day of play while Dearest Rachel and Todd were at the hospital delivering baby Mabel!


had a little celebratory birthday lunch and cake.  The boys really loved putting on party hats (even Jack, who isn’t wearing his in any of the pics), and they had fun singing Happy Birthday To Mabel and making a wish for her as they blew out the candles:


found mom’s lipstick and made a lovely mess in the bathroom (Did you know Truman LOVES chapstick, and cries if I use it and don’t put some on him too?), learned how to climb, spent lots and lots of time turning switches on and off, and enjoyed a first bowl of popcorn!


made ridiculously large paper hats out of poster board, and learned some new origami folds.


had everybody’s favorite friend: Ethan, over for an afternoon.


went ice skating with Gram and Tyler.


made cookie bars and watched movies in the afternoon for no special reason beyond being together and having fun.


ate some healthy food too.


enjoyed the one and only time it snowed as best as we could.  (Snowball fights are hard with so little, powdery, fluff to work with.  It was fun anyway!  And what Christmas Break is complete with out playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate?)


played at the Toy Room a bit.


…arm wrestled and had tummy wars. (I don’t know what they call this game, but the entire break they were trying to catch each other off guard, lifting up their shirts and forcing their tummies in one another’s direction.  Whoever was accosted by a tummy in the face tried not to look, or pulled their shirt up in retaliation.  No.  I have no idea where they come up with stuff!)


played lots of Clue and Checkers as a family.


did some homework and found new places to sit for a show.


tried our hand at decorating.  Do you like my new lamps?  It was a Christmas Gift from Ed and Cindy (We needed more lighting in our living room something terrible!).  She took me shopping the afternoon that they went ice skating with the boys.  I was going to get something terribly respectable and traditional but came home with these bright, snazzy guys instead.  I couldn’t help myself!  I love them!  Yellow and Turquoise are such happy colors 🙂 I had such a fun time shopping with Cindy!


played with lots and lots of Christmas Presents.  Only a few are shown here.  I didn’t want to have the camera out ALL the time.  Needless to say, we were never bored!


Christmas break was delightful. 

Just writing about it gets me really excited for SPRING and SUMMER break!  Have you started making plans?  I have!!!


2 thoughts on “Break Time!

  1. I am totally in spring and summer mode. I have all sorts of plans and ideas and I know that there is no way it can all take place. I will need to widdle things down to a more realistic list of fun and routine but I am excited for sunny, happy days with no trips to school but trips to parks and picnics. Just a little bit longer, just a little bit.

  2. What a fun winter break! Thank you so much for taking care of Henry and Theo! They obviously had the grandest time, and how fun of you guys to celebrate Mabel’s birth with hats and song and everything. You’re the best. Theo’s into chapstick, too! Truman looks so lovely in that shade of red. 😉

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