Did you know that Truman is a darling banana eater?  It came up at dinner tonight with the Grandparents so I thought I’d post some banana pictures.

Do you take pictures of your children eating bananas?  Does the fact that I do make me crazy?!? or…. BANANAS!!!???  Heh, heh.  I’m nerdy, but you love it, don’t you?!?


He kind of doesn’t know what to do with the peel… he wants it there… but he also doesn’t want it there… and it makes for some pretty funny (and sticky!) banana maneuvering on his part.  Now he will let me help him, but there was a long period of time where I was forbidden to touch his bananas.  He walked all over spreading goo as he went, but I let him.  He’s such a picky eater and for a while he wouldn’t eat bananas at all!

Don’t judge or you’ll end up with a picky eater too.  Be happy for me and my ability to accept small steps in the right direction!


Truman also has the cutest pokey-out-of-my-coat face I’ve ever seen.  It is impossible not to kiss this face:



He’s so danged cute.



Hey Truman!  Where’s your nose?!?


And now here’s the part of the post where I say… I know there are other important things to blog about… expect Christmas, and Funeral and … Heck even some THANKSGIVING related posts soon.  Ugh.

What was I saying about small steps in the right direction?

Have a lovely week, All!

2 thoughts on “Bananas

  1. He must be related to those really cute Burtons…So stinkin cute… Ashlee your writing is so fun to read… U r awesome… Love aunt deedee

  2. He looks so much like Aly! Our little guy loves his bananas too. Sometimes it seems like that’s all he will eat. At least it’s good for him though! Love your posts. 🙂

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