Home Again

A little over a week ago I learned that my Father was ill and would likely not live much longer.

Since that conversation with my brother, life has been more than a little surreal.

Suddenly I was processing complicated emotions, researching and preparing a funeral, and making arrangements with my life in IL to allow me to leave quickly.

Then I was on a plane and my brother was picking me up in SLC.  We went back to my beloved Timpview 8th ward in Orem and had a funeral.  I played the flute.  I spoke.

And then… literally hours after the funeral had ended…  I was in pain.  I was vomitting.  My stomach was aching.  My head was spinning.  And when I should have been on a plane back to IL, I found I was instead in a hospital.  And then in an operating room.

Thankfully I was with the best care takers imaginable, and I had two bright, beautiful rays of sunshine, Ada and Talmage, to keep me smiling through it all.

3 awful plane rides later and I was in IN.  Corey, My Corey, was waiting for me.  He drove me through the worst fog I have ever been in all the way back HOME.

Home to my boys.

Home to our life.

I can’t say that I wasn’t sad to leave UT.  Of course I was!  During my stay I was able to see my dear family… my Gram and Papa, my Aunts and Uncles and cousins, even a few dear friends, and of course… Calvin and Whitney, and my oh-so-adorable niece and nephew.  But it felt like a mean trick, as Whitney would say, getting to be near them but not really getting to spend much happy time with them.

Because the truth was that I wasn’t there for a happy reason, and my stay wasn’t extended for a happy reason. 

And so… I am ever so glad to be back.

I’ll tell you more about all of this later I’m sure.  But today I just want to say that There is No Place Like Home, and that Home is Where the Heart Is, and every other kind of cheesy-home-saying you can think of.  Because guess what?!?  They are true!

And while life is certainly not back to normal… thank you appendectomy… I am here.  And I am grateful.  Grateful to be home, grateful that I have such a wonderful home to come back to, and grateful for all of the many blessings that have come to me even in the midst of such a week as this one.


6 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Yes WE WERE so glad to see you, but so sad for the reason you came and the reason you stayed… I am so thankful to Heavenly Father for getting you home safely… we love you and miss you and your BOYS…. recover and breathe recover and breathe. love aunt deedee

  2. We cherish each little moment we get to spend with you and you and Cal did such a beautiful job. I know your parents, both earthly and heavenly are so proud of who you are!!!- love you muchly, Auntie Shir

  3. It was so good to see you. We miss you and your little family so much. I so wish it could have been for a happier reason. Know that we are praying for you and happy you are home safe and sound with your sweet boys.

  4. It truely was a cruel trick. Uncle and I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are to know you and Cal and your great families. You did a perfect job and we had such great memories flood back to us of life with your parents and family. Our hearts are still full. We are so glad you made it home and yes that you have such a wonderful home/family to go home to. Love you, Auntie

  5. Ashlee,
    I can’t believe about your apendectomy on top it all! It was fun to see you, if only for a minute. I’m so glad we could run down there and be a part of it. Your talk and your music were wonderful. Your brother also did a great job….I left there in awe of what amazing people the 2 of you are. Inspiring. Glad you made it home safe and can’t wait to see more of your life via your blog.

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