Making Up

I totally dropped the ball on Pajama Day at school.  The boys both brought home flyers about it one Friday, I promised they could participate, but by Monday it was totally out of my mind!  Monday morning came and I dropped them off dressed completely normally.

I remember noting a child headed in to school wearing a robe and slippers.  I thought for a quick second about my brother who hopped on a soap box occasionally in high school to condemn the wearing of PJ’s, sweats, and scrubs to school.  I smiled to myself and went on with the rest of my day.

It wasn’t until I picked the boys up and saw child after child coming out in PJ’s that it donned on me.  But Jack and Aly both ran to the car with smiles so I wasn’t too worried.  Maybe they hadn’t noticed?!?

Then I asked.  “How was your day at school boys?”  Aly looked at me and instantly burst into tears.  They were streaming down his face and I knew his heart was broken.

Worst. Mother. Ever.

I promised myself I would make it up to them…
crazy hair day

And when the flyer for Crazy Hair Day came I knew I had my chance.  The very second they handed it to me I announced we were going, “Immediately!”,  to a local novelty costume/party store to purchase whatever they wanted (within a very small budget, of course) to make their crazy hair dreams come true.

They were both surprised and delighted.  We had a fantastic time at the store and the next morning was super exciting.  They were so particular about how they wanted their hair done, and Corey and I did our darndest to please them.  Pretty funny stuff!

It took longer than expected though so I didn’t get as many shots as I would have liked. Still… I really love the faces in these ones!
crazy hair day2
crazy hair day3

And this one is pretty cute!
crazy hair day4

I hate it when I promise the boys something and don’t follow through.  That’s like Parenting 101 stuff, and yet sometimes it happens.

Thank Heavens for sweet, forgiving children!

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