Little Boys in Bethlehem

Back in my Advent Post I mentioned cards we made one night for family that live far away.  The boys made 6 total, each boy responsible for making three.

Here are Alaster’s. He made them for Uncle Calvin/Aunt Whitney/Ada/Talmage, Grandpa Rob, and Uncle Jared… I’m really sad you can’t see his pictures very well on the red paper.  It was so cute!  He did everything on these cards and then Jack just signed his name “and Jack.”

And here are Jack’s, which were for Uncle Travis, Grandma Carmen/PaPa, and Grandma Luella.  I am totally in love with Jack’s handwriting.  I think it is darling, and I love that he alternated red and green in his lettering.  Too cute!  And also, you can see where Aly got his Christmas Tree inspiration.  It was cute to see the trees side by side 🙂  Alaster signed his name to these ones… you can see it on the front of the cards.

cards 3

Then for Christmas Day we had the boys make cards for the family we were with.  Corey drew the light strands, and we helped the boys use their fingerprints to create the lights.  Aly drew the inside of Gram and Grandpa Burton’s, Jack did Casey/Kristine’s and Tyler’s.


And you must always remember to say thank you! (I really try to anyway…)  This went to Gram and Grampa after Christmas.  Aly did the finger stripe painting, Jack stamped the “Thank You.”  I didn’t take a pic, but the inside was really sweet too… no pictures… lots of words.

cards 4

And this is a two-for-one post!  Huzzah!

I wanted to show some pictures from our Ward Christmas Party.  The Relief Society was responsible, so I was pretty involved… although I wasn’t IN CHARGE… I left that to one of my very capable, awesome counselors.  The theme was a Night in Bethlehem.  We coordinated with the other 3 wards who share the building so we didn’t have as much decorating responsibility.  Do you want to see my contribution?  The stage was set as the Manger Scene and then on either side we wanted a city scape and a country scape.  I was the country…

Ward Christmas Party

I’m pretty danged proud of my palm trees, I’m not going to lie!  My friend Linda made the camels. (I could never have done that!)

Then for the party everyone came dressed in Biblical attire.  Well… sort of… you’ll notice that Corey, the baby and I aren’t pictured.  We had booths everywhere to create a Bethlehem market.  Each booth either housed food or some sort of activity.  You could learn to write your name in Hebrew and sign the census, visit the children’s play areas… there were 2… and stuff yourself silly with food (We cooked WAY too much!  Woops!  Don’t worry, left overs all went to very good places!)

Ward Christmas Party1

And of course… we put on a Nativity.  The other wards did pretty elaborate affairs with adult actors.  I heard it was fantastic!  But in our ward we went with simplicity and had the children do it.  They. Were. Adorable.  I was particularly charmed by Alaster who was so sweet and participatory as they sang the songs.  Jack was also quite endearing.  He was just so JACK.  He sang, but it looked like it was as quietly to himself as possible, and I’m pretty sure that while I could tell he was enjoying himself immensely, he didn’t crack even one single smile. 🙂  I sure love these two very different, very cute boys of mine!

Ward Christmas Party2

We got very positive feedback from the night.  If I were in charge in the future I would choose something much more simple (I won’t lie, we spent A LOT of time on this thing).  But guess what?  I WON’T be in charge next year!  So I will just be happy and supportive of whoever is!


One thought on “Little Boys in Bethlehem

  1. Love it love it love it! And I love your balloons! How did you do that? So cute!

    Well, the annual book review is up on my blog… if you want to call it that (ahem) I need some good recommendations if you are willing to review some that you read last year!

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