Released, Called and Set Apart

For the past 3 years I have served in my ward Relief Society Presidency, 2 and a half of those years as it’s President.  3 Sundays ago I was released, and one of my dearest friends, Marie, was sustained as the new President.

It seems though, that my time serving in Relief Society isn’t finished.  I have been called as the new Stake Relief Society President, and today the Stake President and my own wonderful, wonderful husband laid their hands on my head to set me apart.


It’s been an emotional couple of weeks to say the least.  My feelings have ranged from being relieved, happy and excited all the way to totally embarrassed, intimidated and completely overwhelmed.  But today? Today I am just feeling incredibly blessed  by the many tender mercies I have recently received and very, very anxious to do the Lord’s will.  I want to be the woman that He sees in me.  Isn’t it wonderful that “God loves each of His children as individuals and sees great and unique gifts in each of them“?  It’s a principle that makes me love Him.  I know He is so kind in how He views us.  I am so flawed, and I make far too many mistakes, and yet I can feel Him telling me that He sees in me something worthwhile, something that can contribute.  I know that He sees that in all of us!

I love that the Lord let’s us participate in His work.  What a privilege!  What a blessing!

I am excited to continue serving in the Relief Society.  Truly, LDS Women are Incredible, and I’m excited to get to know and serve the women in my Stake.

4 thoughts on “Released, Called and Set Apart

  1. You are amazing and I love you so much. You will definitely contribute and we here at our house see the woman he sees in you. Wonderful!

  2. Ashlee, I know I have been so blessed by your service! You’re an amazing woman. Thanks for your testimony!! You’ll be filling one of those red chairs in the next ten years, no doubt about it! 😉

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