Christmas Recital and More Hair Pics

Today’s Holiday Post: The recital.

Jack continues to do really well with the piano.  He loves to play and Terra (his teacher) thinks he’s a natural!

He did wonderfully at the Christmas recital.  He had practiced diligently, and performed his songs: We Three Kings and Joy to the World, beautifully.  Didn’t he look so handsome?!?  Corey and I are particularly fond of this look he’s sporting.  He has been rolling his sleeves up just like his daddy.  Pretty cute!
Jack's Piano Recital

And of course Gram, Grampa and Tyler came to support him along with Mommy, Daddy and Brothers:

Jack's Piano Recital1

And, Oh No!  Oh No!  Pictures of Truman with long hair!!!!

Truman’s hair was looking so perfect after his bath that night that Corey and I went crazy (while kids other than Jack were performing) trying to get a good shot.  Lots of them are blurry because he did NOT want to sit still that night… as you can see with the picture of Tyler.  He ran through all of the isles before the event started saying “Hi!… Hi!… Hi!” to everyone.  There was one particular girl he kept going over to see… silly boy.  During the recital we did a pretty good job corralling him with Grampa’s help.

Jack's Piano Recital2

The recital was so fun!

We start back up with lessons again tomorrow, and Jack is glad.  He’s been missing those lessons all winter break!  Although, he has had fun playing at home and figuring out Primary Songs to hold him over.  He’s getting pretty good at the right hand of Nephi’s Courage!

Love you Jack!  Proud of you!


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