Class Winter Parties

Time to start posting Holiday Fun!  Yay!!!

As Jack’s Room Mommy I got to plan his party.  Unfortunately it came at a bad time for our little family.  During the month of December we were sick.  All of us.  We had 2 or 3 different strains of yuckiness that just kept cycling through each member of our fam.  We were never all sick at the same time, but we were never all healthy either.  It was pretty bad!

So come party time I was very grateful for a good friend who said “I’m coming over tomorrow morning and we are planning this party.”  Thank you Marie!  You’re a life saver!  She convinced me to go simple.  We disposed of the regular party format (stations… as you recall…) so that we would have less to plan.  Instead of 3 game stations that required making things and bringing materials, we found group circle games from this awesome website, that required nothing but willing participants.  Nice!

After some more quick searches on the internet we chose Reindeer as the theme.  Reindeer treats, Reindeer craft and of course, the Reindeer games!

Cute.  Easy.  Perfect.

Corey and I spent the night before the party making all of this:

Reindeer treats = Swiss Cake Rolls, Pretzel Antlers, Frosting for eyes and nose, Chocolate Chip pupils, and Red Hot noses.  It was so easy!  Instead of making something to decorate… like a cookie or a cupcake… I just opened a package!  Genius!  We were only up till 11, which for me is pretty early on party prep night.  And it was really fun doing it all with Corey 🙂

For the craft we cut out all of the parts of the reindeer ahead of time and made individual bags for the kids with the eyes/nose/bells/collar parts.  On party day everyone got a brown paper bag, a baggie with the parts, and a piece of brown paper for the antlers.  I know it’s silly but I really loved looking at my bag with the sample reindeer (I made one to show the kids how it would turn out) and all the stuff for the kiddos.  It was so… organized.  🙂

The day of was really fun.  Grandma Burton came over to watch poor, poor Truman (who had RSV) and Tyler and I went to the party.  It was so sad that Gram couldn’t come!  She and Tyler had made very cute, very yummy chocolate covered pretzels and I was sad she didn’t get to see how much the kids enjoyed them. But seriously?  There was NO WAY Truman could have attended the party!  Thanks for taking one for the team, Gram!

Here’s some shots from the party:

Tyler got some more with his camera that hopefully I can post later.

The kids had fun I think!

The craft went really well… the kids really got into making, personalizing (they pulled out their crayons), and naming their reindeer.  The girls got especially into it.  My favorite reindeer was named “Snowflake.”  She had perfectly rosy cheeks and beautiful eyelashes.

The food was a hit… especially the chocolate pretzels.

And the reindeer games went… well… just okay. 😦 Apparently the games I chose were a bit too complicated.  I really thought they would be fine and was terribly surprised that the kids had such a hard time catching on. Thankfully the kids were still laughing and getting into them, so I guess you could still call it a success?  Ah well!  Lesson learned.

Here’s Jack with his reindeer and Aly with a treat he came home with from his party.  By all accounts Alaster’s party was fantastic.  They made ornaments, ate treats and played games.  Sounded like fun!

And Happy New Year’s Day!  I hope you had a safe and fun one!

More Holiday Posts coming to you soon!


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