Inevitable… I guess.

We cut Truman’s hair today.
Boo hoo hoo 😦

It was so wispy… always tickling his face.  We felt bad for him.  There were a few pieces on the top long enough that they reached all the way down to his nose. I was always brushing them aside. Also the sides were ridiculously long and often unmanageable.

Here’s what he looked like in the chair just seconds before I started:

Truman Hair1

And after being sprayed down and played with a bit…

Jack came over to help me take the pictures showing how long it was on top.  I combed a section up and had him grab it while I took the pic.  Can you believe how long it was???

Truman Hair2

The first snip!!! So Sad!!!

Truman Hair3

Mohawk after a few snips:

Truman Hair4

And when all was said and done he looked like this:

Truman Hair5

Such a handsome, respectable baby.  Which is nice… and sad.  I really think the new look is darling, but it instantly aged him.  He looks like a 2 year old, easily.  He’s so big for his age.

I’m actually kind of worried about it.  Not his size mind you,  he is absolutely beautiful and perfectly healthy, but I am worried about people’s perceptions of his age.  I don’t want adults looking at him and expecting 2 year old behavior, you know?  He’s just a BABY after all!!!  He’s started nursery and it’s important to me that even though he’s bigger than half of the kids in there that his leaders remember he’s still a wee thing.

I’m probably worried about nothing.  Mothers do that on occasion.  It didn’t help that Jack said “He’s not cute anymore.  I miss his hair.”  A) That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.  and B) Oh no!!! His cute rating went down with JACK!?!  That does not bode well!

Done worrying now.  Promise.  He’s a totally new kind of cute now and Jack just has to get used to it. And it’s just hair right?!?  He’s the same funny, stinky, charming baby.  One little haircut couldn’t change that of course!

Here’s some shots from this afternoon after it had dried:

Truman Hair6

And for old times sake… some wispy shots:

Truman Hair7

Some wet and wild shots:

Truman Hair8

And some shots of a rather remarkable do he sported one afternoon:

Truman Hair9

(He had rubbed it into a ratty ball while he slept and that is what resulted after Corey combed it out.  We almost cut it that very night but talked ourselves out of it.)

So sweet, so handsome:

Truman Hair10

Happy New Year everyone!  Lots of love to you this last night of 2012!!


4 thoughts on “Inevitable… I guess.

  1. Hahahaha! What a cutie! I think the only reason Jack said that was to express the fear he’d heard you state so many times. Subconscious, of course, but I’d be very surprised if his cute rating with Jack had actually gone down. And I think he’s adorable, for the record!

  2. oh, and p.s. my mom totally has to deal with the whole son-who-looks-older-than-he-is thing. My little brother Abe has always been super tall for his age. He’s 14 now, barely, and already taller than Jacob! Anyway, I’m sure Truman will have a lovely life.

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