Crab Apples and Friends

More back-posting for you this morning! My goal is to get caught up before the New Year. Wish me luck!

Towards the end of summer our wonderful Freestone Friends moved from one townhouse in our community to another… located right in our very own quad!  Because of this lovely development we got to spend the morning with Henry and Theo.

That morning also happened to be our community garage sale.  Our Savage friends wanted to participate but they don’t live in an area directly on the street. For maximum visibility they brought their goods to our front yard.  It was such a fun morning!

Emily, Jeff and I chatted whilst we kept a collective eye on all the kiddos.  Well… Emily and I kept an eye.  Jeff played with them!  He’s known as the “tickle monster,” around these parts.


We had an impromptu picnic…


Played with toys in the sale and ran/scootered around…


Jeff even made the kids a swing on our tree!…


Jeff also took Jack around the community for a special project: Harvesting Crab Apples!  We have crab apple trees in abundance.  Jack had fun climbing trees and they came back to us with a huge bucket full! Have you ever tasted a crab apple?  They are tart and chalky… in my opinion.

Jeff took the bucket home to try and make something yummy.  The result? Crab-applesauce!  Fun!  And since Jack had helped so much in the harvesting, he brought Jack a jar to try.  When he delivered the sauce he brought the tools he used to make it along.  Jack and Aly got a lovely tutorial in the art of old-fashioned applesauce making.  They totally loved it!

And they could not have been more excited to try the applesauce.  Jack liiiiked it… ish… Alaster took one bite and said “Mmmmmm! It’s sooooo good. I LOVE it! … but I’m done.”  This was the look on his face:


Truman genuinely loved the stuff so he polished it off 🙂

And since this post is about our lovely friends… I thought I’d share some random pictures taken throughout the year of the boys with some of their favorite friends in the community.  For some reason they never ended up being their own posts, but I sure do love all of these pictures!

Truman and Theo!  Theo and Truman are polar opposites when it comes to size.  Correct me if I am wrong Rachel dearest, but I think they are what… a year apart?


The Tanner girls…  Miss you guys!



Alaster and Benjamin:


Eva and the Gang:


The Cute Cromars… miss them too!:


Alaster and Henry:


I think this one really says it all:


We are so lucky to live in a community with so many dear friends!  Not all who currently live here/used to live here are in this post.  As I told you, it’s just a random smathering of pictures that never made it into a post of their own.

But we love each and every one of you, our dear, dear friends.  Whether you live in our community or not!  You brighten our days and provide such a wonderful support.

Love you guys!

One thought on “Crab Apples and Friends

  1. I have had such a lovely HOUR reading up on your new cute cute blog! Someday I will find out how you find the time and the space in your brain to make such adorable, detailed posts. I loved seeing the picture of our garage sale/crab-apple adventures. We’re still working on eating the rest of our crab-applesauce. (I guess that shows how much I liked it!) I can’t wait to see Truman and his new grown up hair cut. I can’t wait to see you and your new counselors at Tuscola on Sunday 🙂 I just can’t wait to see you again. It’s been too long, my dear.

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