Covered Bridge 2012

The Gamboo (as my mother used to refer to illnesses on occasion) has taken hold of our house.  Jack had a fever and stayed home Tues and Wed.  Alaster puked 14 times on Tues night and stayed home with Jack on Wed.  They were both back in school on Thursday and we thought we were in the clear, but Thursday night it was Truman and my turn to have… whatever Alaster had. I didn’t sleep one wink last night and have spent most of the morning in bed while Corey has taken care of Truman.

I tell you all this to explain why there won’t be many words to this post.  My insides ache, my head hurts and I haven’t the strength to make an attempt at being clever or cute.  Are you feeling sorry for poor, poor pitiful me yet???  Don’t feel too bad.  You KNOW Corey is taking good care of me as always :).

Annnnnywaysssss…. in October we went to the Covered Bridge Festival again.  What a fun family tradition.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

Jack made this “Boo You Stink!” sign and he and Alaster had way, way too much fun showing it to other cars on the road and seeing the reactions that followed.  Don’t worry.  Everyone thought it was really funny.  No offended old people or anything.
Covered Bridge1

Covered Bridge2

Covered Bridge3

Covered Bridge4

Covered Bridge5

Covered Bridge6

Covered Bridge7

You can’t leave covered bridge without a few souvenirs…

Covered Bridge8

Covered Bridge9

Covered Bridge10

Corey bought me a wedding ring while we were there 🙂  I haven’t worn one in years because my actual ring… the completely perfect one if you recall… has a prong that is making me nervous and what if something happened to the diamond?!?!?!?

I have tried getting cheap rings at Target and places, but they don’t carry a size small enough for my fingers.  At the covered bridge festival though… where all your dreams can come true… rings were available in every size and style imaginable.  I went with a simple silver band.  It feels so good to be “claimed,” when I walk around!  I had really missed that!

Covered Bridge11

Covered Bridge12

Covered Bridge13

And on our way home a little miracle:  Truman slept in the car!  Poor tired baby!!!  Notice the bump on his head?  Happened within the first 20 minutes of being there.  Isn’t that the way it goes sometimes???

Covered Bridge14

So fun.  We’ll see you next year Indiana!

2 thoughts on “Covered Bridge 2012

  1. If you’re looking to get your ring fixed take it up to Robert’s in downtown Champaign. Some of the little diamonds in my ring were loose and they were excellent to work with. We were going to go to Brown’s by Hessel Park, but they had a huge wait. They suggested Robert’s if we wanted to get it done sooner. I have a white gold ring and I wasn’t sure if I would need to get it dipped. When we picked my ring up when Robert’s had finished about a week later, they said it didn’t need to be redipped and could go without that for several more years too! That gives me confidence that they aren’t going to take advantage of my lack of jewelry knowledge. It cost twenty dollars to get the diamonds tightened and my ring cleaned. It looked good as new!

  2. Ash looking at your boys ‘Boo you stink’ sign and showing it to people reminds me of when we used to play sweet and sour! I miss you lots just so you know! We might try to make a trip your way sometime this year!!! 🙂

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