First Encounter: Play Dough

Today I introduced Truman to Play Dough.  I needed to get some things done in the kitchen and was hoping a new substance combined with his inquisitive nature would keep him occupied for a while.

I was wrong.  After watching me show him what to do with the stuff (with a most doubtful expression on his face “Really mom?  That’s fun for you?”) he picked it up, ripped it in pieces and threw it all on the floor.



His big, bright, beautiful eyes were so proud of himself…


He’s a cute little stinker, that’s for sure!

He was much more interested in the cookie cutters…



No worries. Like so many other things with this boy (most notably: FOOD!) we’ll just have to try, try again until he’s convinced!

Happy Tuesday All!


3 thoughts on “First Encounter: Play Dough

  1. Soren still eats playdoh and many other things that aren’t food. At least with Truman’s skepticism about food you don’t have to worry about that.

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