What Brothers Are Good for No. 29

Beginner Jedi Training.




I love to hear Jack and Truman playing together.  They romp around the house chasing each other or playing some game from floor to floor.  I hear their tromping and stretches of quiet interrupted with delighted peals of laughter and happy squeals from Truman.  It always makes me smile and giggle a bit myself.

Truman is quite the mama’s boy, but when he is in an intense game with Jack there is no diverting his attention.  Today Truman had been really clingy and unhappy but Jack started a game of “I’ll chase you with a ball and throw it at you, then it’s your turn to chase me and throw it!” and it was like I didn’t exist.

Truman likes to play these types of games with anyone, but Jack probably does it with him the most often and makes it last the longest.  They were at it today for a good half hour/forty five minutes.

So cute!


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