In-formance, Walk-A-Thon and Getting Involved!

This is a “woops! I never posted that!” post. You can expect to see more of them in the next little bit as I catch up before the close of the year!

School is going great for the boys. I am so pleased with their teachers and their progress.

Alaster is reading very well these days.  I had been teaching him to read during the summer and he has continued to grow in his classroom.  His teacher is much more organized than Jack’s Kindergarten teacher was and I feel like she is doing a great job at teaching each child at their level.

I like the way the school approaches reading.  They obviously teach them basic reading skills… the “how to’s,” but they also spend time learning how to process, relate to, and understand the texts that they read.

The other day when we were reading Christmas books together Alaster said the following to me:

“Mom? Let’s do an exposition of the story now, okay? Do you know how to do an exposition? We read the story. Then we do these things: #1! We tell the author. #2! We tell the characters. Do you know what characters are? They are the people in the story. #3! Setting. That’s where the story takes place. #4! Genre. Like… Fiction, Non-Fiction, Realistic Fiction… you know… like those. #5! Action OR Event #6! Tone or Mood. That means… like… did the story feel happy? Sad? Excited? Let’s do that okay mom?”

Yeah. I was pretty taken aback that he knew some of those words and that he could just rattle the whole exposition process that they sometimes use in class off to me like that! What a darling, smart boy! Can you picture Alaster saying “Exposition,” and “Tone or Mood”?  It was pretty danged adorable.


In October the School Music Teacher held an “Informance.”  It was a small presentation by each class where they demonstrated the type of activities they do.  As they demonstrated she explained to the parents what skills that activity is building and what it prepares them for in the future.  I gotta say… I was seriously impressed!  Alaster’s class went first.

My favorite thing was watching them do “Miss Merry Mack.”  He had been singing it a bunch around the house and it was fun to see the whole class!

Here they are showing a group activity… she chose Aly to help demonstrate this one:


Some children on instruments, others singing and clapping:



After Aly came Jack’s class.  Jack is funny about music.  There are some things that he likes, but a great deal more that he doesn’t… or that he SAYS he doesn’t.  I can’t remember the name of this one (you should blog while things are fresh on your mind!!!) but this was the only one he was excited to do.  As they sang they moved their circle in the opposite direction of the others surrounding them.  It had a pretty neat effect:


See that cute face he was making (bottom right)?  He had found baby and was making faces at him!

A cool circle activity…


And their turn on the instruments… wherein I realized Jack really IS short for his age.  Can you even spot him in the group on the left?  All you can see is the top of his hair (because of course he scooted to the very back of the pack!)


In…. ummmmm… September??? or…. ummmmm…. October??? I went to the school to participate in the final activity for the big fundraiser of the year: The Walk-A-Thon!  The boys LOVED this event.  I mostly went to take pictures and support the boys as they ran/walked laps on the field, but I ended up running the hoola-hoop station.  Pretty fun!

After doing their laps on the field the kids were able to visit a variety of different sport-related stations.  Everything from Basketball with U of I players to Yoga was available! And the kids all got Water Bottles which they appreciated after being so active!

Alaster visited my Hoola Hoop Station as you can see.  You can also see him proudly holding up his hand to show me one of his stamps! (They got one each time they did a lap.)

Walk A Thon1

And Jacko!  He had fun playing with his friends and running with his favorite teacher Mr. W.  Mr. W. teaches PE and was naturally enthused about the Walk-A-Thon.  He ran with the kids.  I loved seeing him encourage Jack as they ran side by side for a while.

Walk A Thon2

I am thankful for the boy’s school and for the good education they are receiving.  I want them to know how important their education is to me by being involved.

As mentioned previously, this year I am Jack’s room mother.  I also go to the school once a week to volunteer in Alaster’s classroom for an hour.

I have done a range of things but have spent the majority of my time in one on one instruction with the children who are really struggling. I have been able to work with them on letter, number, shape, and color recognition.  I have also spent time reading to them.  It’s been super fun and rewarding, and I have learned some new ways of teaching that I plan to try out when Truman gets a bit older!

2 thoughts on “In-formance, Walk-A-Thon and Getting Involved!

  1. So cool! I especially like what you said about the music “informance” 🙂 I bet fewer elementary music jobs would have been cut if more teachers explained to all the parents the importance of what they do!

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