Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving Day found us over at Gram and Grampa Burton’s.  We arrived about lunch time.

No one but our Gram would put on such a delightful lunch before the Thanksgiving Feast.  Look what we had:


And that was just lunch!  After lunch I took Truman home for a nap (I know.  We are pathetic.  But he was teething/sick and miserable, so I didn’t want him to go without!)

While I was gone Gram and Grampa decorated festive cookies with Jack and Aly:


Gram got this crazy wig from a movie she purchased and we all had fun with it… Jack probably more than anyone else.  Grampa put it on for Truman.  He was… skeptical.  And Truman was NOT a fan of wearing it himself.


The rest of the afternoon we hung out, talked, played Wii, watched shows, played games, snuggled, watched Truman be either really silly and happy or really angry… it was all very relaxey as I think Thanksgiving really ought to be!


Then came the feast!  We ate at dinner time this year, and had such yummy, yummy, food!

Growing up the Burton’s ate largely the same things every year… Turkey, Green Bean or Broccoli Casserole… you know… the traditional stuff.  But now that they are all grown up and self proclaimed “foodies,” they like to try new recipes each time.

For instance: last year was a sweet potato pie, this year was a citrus butternut squash, apple, and sweet potato bake.  Last year we did a cheesy potato gratin, this year was the pioneer woman’s mashed potatoes (sinful and sooooooooooooo worth each and every calorie, recipe HERE)

See what I mean?  It’s all traditional food, but the recipes vary each year.  Pretty fun!  I’d say all of the recipes this year were a hit!


Truman, the pickiest eater I ever met, ate none of it.  Oh wait… he had some fruit.  And some pretzels that I took from the cupboard.  I know he was sick… but come ON!


Apparently I didn’t get any pictures of dessert.  I think by that point Truman was seriously losing it and we were rushing out the door.  We came home with 4 plates of it though. Dessert that is. 🙂

The boys went easily to dreamland and Corey and I enjoyed a nice evening at home.  And that was the end of Thanksgiving!

The day after Thanksgiving was super fun too.  We stayed home (no black Friday for us!) and enjoyed another lazy one.  Here’s what the boys looked like first thing in the morning.  I love Jack’s tired eyes in this shot:


Hope your Thanksgiving was a wonderful weekend too!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Thanksgiving is so fun! I love the family Holidays! And I love the Wig, a couple of years ago we had something similiar and we are all grown and had fun! The tasty looking food! Jack and alistar Just love that wig on them!

  2. My kids will be SO JEALOUS that your kids have a Madagascar 3 wig. Have you seen that yet? Seriously. I know 1 and 2 were not so great, but even Brandon and I were laughing all during 3. Now that I’ve hyped it up I’m sure you won’t like it…..but we do!!

    And so sad that Truman wasn’t feeling well for Thanksgiving. That’s never fun on the holidays. 😦

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