A friend of mine had a question regarding the followability (sure that’s a word… why not?) of this blog.

Just so you know… you can follow me in your blog reader just fine.  I put this wordpress address into my dashboard reading list on blogger, and it had no problem finding this site and following it.  I just checked to see if my post from tonight showed up, and sure enough!  It was there!  It was also on my Google Reader.

I don’t flatter myself that lots of people are going to become my followers, but I just wanted you to know that these options are still available.  My jumping to the WordPress bandwagon didn’t mess that up!

One thought on “FYI

  1. the way i subscribed was by clicking on the RSS icon (that orange box with a dot and two signal lines coming out of it) up in the address bar of my browser. So that’s another way to do it.

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