Art Sampling

What did your baptism look like?

Jack hopes that his will look like this:

This was on the next page:

Before I threw out a fully used notebook I had to snag a few pictures of Jack’s artwork.  I combined them with a few other random shots of things he has drawn recently to make my little post this evening.

I think these collages give a pretty good sense of his favorite artistic subjects and of his style (which I think is pretty strong for a 7 year old… not that I have absolutely anything to base that opinion on).

Collage # One:  Snakessssssssss.  Things to notice: The drop of venom on the top right hand snake’s fang (good detail, no?).  The subjects hiding from the snake in the bottom center picture: an alligator, a human and… something else :)… I’m pretty sure his point was that this snake is HUGE!

Collage # Two: Sea Creatures.  Things to notice: Top left Megalodon (He knows all about prehistoric sharks, and this drawing happens to be my favorite shark of his).  The nice blend of both pleasant and unpleasant faces on his creatures.  The skeleton of shark teeth on the bottom row.  I thought that one was pretty neat!

Collage # Three: Random.  Things to notice: The spider (top left) who is saying “How could I fail an eye test?!? Good one J!  Spiders… 8 eyes… I get it.  The I’m-not-really-sure-who (top right) that is my FAVORITE… And Mr. S. (bottom right) who has what I perceive as a deep question on his mind…

Picture # Four: Teeth Sampling.  Don’t be fooled!  Each and everyone of these are from actual sharks.  Didn’t know there was a cow shark, eh?  Me either!  Jack did!  Google all of them!  They exist, I promise! (This one is in the previous collage but you couldn’t really see it that well so I had to post again.  Woops!)

Picture # Five: The Cast of Spongebob. He’s still working on perfecting these guys.

Picture # Six: Lungs.  He loves to draw human anatomy.  His skeletons are pretty good too, but I took this shot specifically because he had colored it!  He rarely colors things in!

That’s it for tonight.  But expect more from me.  Daily or Semi-Daily perhaps?  I miss blogging.  I’ve been a slacker these past few months!

2 thoughts on “Art Sampling

  1. What a great artist. I definitely agree that he has a style! Remember when I found that notebook with only a few drawings in it, and I said to myself, “I think this must be Jack’s”? Yep. He has a style. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what sorts of things my boys get interested in at this age!

  2. oh my gosh Jack and Victoria would have lots to talk about (Sponge Bob) Cosette and Jack too (Animals, she likes horses in particular). JACK YOU ARE THE MAN!!! love great aunt deedee

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