Apparently I’m on WordPress now… and Thanksiving 2012 continued

I am so sorry dear ones for all of the confusion related to our blog-life.  Still unwilling to pay the small upgrade fee for my blogger account I’m going to give WordPress a go!  THEY are giving me 3 free GB to bloggers 1 GB.  Eat that Blogger!

So would you like to see some more Thanksgiving Hoopla?

One Sunday afternoon I was feeling festive so we made thank you notes and cookies to doorbell ditch to some special people.  Since this was a spur of the moment activity we went simple.  Handprint Turkeys.  Classic.  The boys each chose 3 people to surprise.  They chose their class teachers, the Primary President, the Primary Music Leader and the Ward Organist. Ha!  Not that she doesn’t deserve to be thanked of course!  It was just a very unexpected choice.


Though there is a small chance that someone we secretly delivered these two will see this post and our little secret will be ruined… I can’t help myself.  I have to show you what they looked like:


Both boys were pretty darned cute as they thought of what to write on the notes.  Jack wanted to include Turkey-themed jokes:

“Why is the turkey so hungry? It’s friends “gobbled!” it’s food up!”

Good one Jack!  Alaster would tell us first what he wanted to write so that we could help him spell it out.  He got a little carried away with one of his primary teachers.  He said:

“Thank you for being my teacher.  You are so great.  I love you so much.  You are so pretty I could kill myself!”  There wasn’t room for all of that on the card but hopefully that teacher still felt loved 🙂

I made some cake mix cookies (easiest cookies on the block HERE).  And then we were ready to deliver:


Stealth-Mode switch turned to “ON,” and off we went!  Our boys love to doorbell ditch.  It’s such a rush.  Corey is a great get-away driver and I am always the official door knocker.

Can you tell they love to be sneaky?


I truly am so grateful for J and A’s primary teachers and leaders.  It was fun to show them a bit of appreciation!

5 thoughts on “Apparently I’m on WordPress now… and Thanksiving 2012 continued

  1. Those cookies were SO yummy! Thanks, Burton boys! That was so kind and thoughtful of them. I love them both so much!! I thought it was them, but I wasn’t 100% sure. Until . . . Aly said Saturday evening, “Oh, did you like those cookies? Did you eat them all?” I turned to him to see what he meant and he was looking right at the turkey (it’s hanging on my kitchen wall). I told him they were so delicious, and that I loved them. Jack quickly but not overly excited said something like, “Oh, we know who gave that card and cookies to you, but we can’t tell who it was. . . . We’re the ones who gave them the idea.” I started asking more questions to see if they would tell me and both were very tight-lipped. At the end of the night Todd was still convinced it was them but, let me tell you, your boys are pretty convincing and I wasn’t so sure. 🙂 Thanks again for the thoughtfulness!!

  2. P.S. I don’t want to pay the upgrade either! I’m tempted to make the switch . . . I mean, I guess eventually I have to because I DON’T want to pay the upgrade fee. Glad to know I’m not alone!

    • Seriously! If you think about it… you’d have to pay that fee for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Unless you decided to delete the blog. Once you get pictures on there above the limit… there’s no going back!

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